Conceptual Design & Programming

Conceptual Design as a stand-alone or preliminary service is often helpful for clients that are not ready to commit to a full design process’ budget and scope. Perhaps you need help envisioning the possibilities of your idea, or simply need a rendering to use as a tool for fund raising. The architects and designers of BullockSmith are able to take any vision and translate it into a preliminary graphic that describes that idea’s feel, time and place.

The purpose of a Facility Program is to provide focus for the design process. The goal of every program is to help make the design process as effective and efficient as possible by identifying key issues, major challenges, and important spatial relationships. The development of a program helps define the organization’s goals for their facility and gives the design team an agreed upon work scope which can minimize re-design. These are typically developed in collaboration with the client, user groups, and the community, but depending on the nature of the project, specialists may be required to develop some of the information. Specialists may include kitchen consultants, laboratory consultants, security consultants, data and communications specialists, or transportation and parking specialists.

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Find Out How We Can Help You

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