BullockSmith is happy to be helping the All Florida Championship Rodeo Association in Arcadia, Florida with the design of their new home, Mosaic Arena, which is scheduled to complete construction this year. The Mosaic Arena will feature 7,796 seats, about 1,600 more than the historical arena, providing more comfortable seating for all attendees. The Association was looking for a facility that would expand upon the foundational history of the “Granddaddy of Them All” rodeo, which has been in its existing arena since 1959, to create strong memories for future generations. It will feature concessions areas, memorabilia and retail spaces, a four-sided video screen scoreboard, VIP seating and lounge, separate competitor facilities, and all the amenities required for rodeos, concerts, and many other mass attendance events. The open-sided monitor on the roof ridge, paired with large fans over the grandstands play a key roll in providing natural ventilation.

Aerial view of recent construction

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